Woodland Art Making On the West Side

Baltimore City Parks have a special place in my heart.  As a West Baltimore native, I spent hours of my childhood playing in the Gywnn’s Falls/Leakin Park woodlands.  We had a tennis court where I pretended to be Martina Navratilova. We had the Carrie Murray Nature Center (I swore it was haunted).   We  had streams and waterways where I lost my action figures and hills where I raced my siblings and my friends.  I was always sad for my friends living in East Baltimore because, to my knowledge, they didn’t have  parks. Now I know better.

Over the years, it has been strange to witness the investment in certain parts of East Baltimore while watching the upper corridor of West Baltimore ignored.   Relegated to that area of town where some neighborhoods look like vacated war zones,  Baltimoreans often forget about the majestic old homes with large porches and oak tree canopies. They also forget about  Gwyn’s Falls and Leakin Park. Thankfully artist and environmentalist are bringing attention to these often overlooked places.

 That is why we have Nature Art in the Park!  http://natureartinthepark.wordpress.com/

Running from May 2012- October 2012,Nature Art in the Park- The Nature of Change  is the second annual summer-long series of exhibitions, workshops & other family-friendly Nature Art events in an ongoing collaborative project bringing together site-specific works built from natural materials, in the forests of Baltimore City’s Parks.

Check it out!

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