Musings of a Project Coordinator: End of Summer Update

Greetings All,

What a whirlwind of  activity since last I mused about the ins and outs of the Baltimore Art + Justice Project (BA+JP)!  How does one sum up four months of amazing work?  I will provide you with the highlights via my best friends: bullet points.

  • After a summer of beta testing and refining, the Baltimore Art + Justice Questionnaire is scheduled to launch in September.  In the next few weeks, we will direct artists, designers, organizations and advocates to the website to complete the questionnaire for the interactive Baltimore Art + Justice Project map and website.  This questionnaire also introduces these stakeholders to the national Animating Democracy database.  The link and materials will be posted here on the BA+JP blog as well as for everyone to participate.

Coming Up:

  • Stay tuned for a profile on local artist Ashley Milburn, a MICA alumnus.  Ashley organized last year’s Roots Fest and creates inspiring and innovative social justice based art work.  Prepare to be challenged and moved by The Hoodie Diaries.
  • We are partnering with the UMB Imaging Research Center to develop the Baltimore Art + Justice website and mapping platform. Our collaboration begins in September and we expect the first Baltimore Art + Justice Project maps to debut in February 2013.

I will represent BA+JP at the September 19th, 2012 grand opening of the Performing Arts and Humanities Building at UMBC, co-sponsored by Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.Thanks for keeping an eye on the Baltimore Art + Justice Project.  The next four months will be all about data collection, compelling dialogue, community building and holiday food.  Oh yeah, and justice.  Lots and lots of justice.

Happy Labor Day!


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