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Musings of a Project Coordinator: Year in Reflection

Greetings All,

As the year comes to an end, I am reflecting on how the Baltimore Art + Justice Project grew in 2012 and I am anticipating the excitement of 2013.  Not only am I cheered to have met the deliverables in my project timeline (whew!), I am also pleased by the sheer amount of fun we are having here. So, in the spirit of Catching up with Depeche Mode circa 1986, below are highlights from our flagship year so that you too might join in our festive mood!

  • In October we began collecting profiles of artists, designers, advocates and non-profits working at the intersection of art and social justice.  If you have not completed a profile yet, you should.  Visit to see how you too can get mapped!
  • In September we launched our ongoing series of Community Dialogues where we are exploring issues of funding, geography, evaluation, impact, race and youth development in Baltimore’s social justice based art and design world. Keep an eye out for a full calendar of community dialogues in 2013.
  • The Baltimore Art + Justice Project was featured in a number of news outlets. If you missed any of our press, here are some of our most recent local and national mentions.

Indypendant Reader
Animating Democracy: ArtsBlog
Colorlines: Five Baltimore Collectives that are Facing Race
Marc Steiner Show

  • We conducted over 100 outreach meetings with artists, arts organizations, advocates, service organizations, funders and researchers to vet and frame the project.
  • We expanded the advisory committee from eight to eighteen members who add broad community perspectives to the process.

What do we have to look forward to in 2013?

  • Launching the first of our interactive maps in February 2013
  • Hosting 8 more Community Dialogues (you really should attend)
  • Adding more artists, designers, advocates and non-profits to the Baltimore Art + Justice Project map!

I hope you continue to join us as we work to identify, strengthen and support the collaboration between social-justice based artists, designers and advocates to create a better, more just Baltimore.

See you in 2013!

Project Coordinator

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