Birth Matters: Fundraiser for Maryland Families for Safe Birth

Often conflicting, complicated, and emotional, birth is a topic that stirs a wide range of responses in people. When mentioned amongst different people adjectives vary from powerful, transformative, exciting, and beautiful to grotesque, painful, and scary.

The variety of experiences and stories that individuals have surrounding birth are what the Maryland Families for Safe Birth (MFSB), an organization that is working toward legalizing Certified Professional Midwives in Maryland, is looking to be shared at their upcoming fundraiser. They are asking for individuals to share and perform their birth stories, the good, bad, beautiful, difficult, and everything in between, at the upcoming event.

MFSB, is hoping the performances people share of loss, birth multiples, cesareans, medicated births, midwife assisted births, natural births, unassisted births, and any other story will help bring up the topic of birth and make it clear that as Carmen Calvo of MFSB states “birth matters.”

Calvo, who has a background in art, felt the idea of using storytelling performances would involve families in a powerful that “could serve as a venue for healing.” The event is a fundraiser to benefit the MSFB, but the organization also hopes to raise awareness of issues regarding birth and midwives in the state in the process. Calvo explained that MSFB has been working on passing legislation to legalize Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) in Maryland, “At this time, if a woman chooses to have an out-of-hospital birth experience, she is forced to go underground. By licensing CPMs and having a board of midwives holding CPMs accountable, women will have access to evidence-based care and be able to give birth how and where they choose. This movement is to give MD women and their families safe options outside the hospital setting. With c-section rates at an all time high, women are seeking a more natural, personal care provider and are asking for midwives. Women in MD deserve a choice.”

MFSB is looking for individuals (and families) to share their birthing stories. They are calling musicians, poets, performance and visual artists, storytellers, and anyone without performance experience who would like to share their story to come to participate in the event. Individuals who would like to share their story but may not want to perform it themselves are also welcome to contact Calvo. There will also be space at the event for children to create their art in a craft area.

For more information on the event or how you can participate/contribute please contact Carmen Calvo at .

MSFB Birth Storytelling Fundraiser

Thursday 21, 7pm @ 2640 (2640 st. Paul st.)

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