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Profile of the Week: Cycles: Women’s Health Project

Cycles: Women’s Health Project is a project lead by community artist Whitney Frazier that is focused on addressing women’s health concerns in East Baltimore neighborhoods. Frazier is collaborating with women and girls to create an illustrated resource book about women’s health topics. Cycles uses art and social justice to educate about women’s health concerns and the issues with the western medical system’s treatment of women’s health. Once the book has been created, the female participants of Cycles will distribute the book within their communities and host their own visual storytelling workshops addressing the books topics.

Additionally, Frazier has used public bathrooms as a research tool by posting drawings and written prompts to spark responses by those using the public bathrooms. These stories and concerns collected from public restrooms are added to the different ways that Frazier has been doing research and collecting the stories of women and girls in Baltimore. Cycle’s Tumblr also encourages anyone interested in participating in the Cycles Project to contact Whitney Frazier.


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New NEA Research Tool on Working Artists

The NEA has released an online research tool based on information of 2.1 million artists in the United States’ labor force. “Equal Opportunity Data Mining: National Statistics about Working Artists,” contains 70 searchable tables with figures on working artists by state and metropolitan area, by demographic information (including race and ethnicity, age, gender, and disability status), and by residence and workplace. The tool offers tables, a map of state-level rankings, and links to original sources.

The tool can also be found under the Tools and Tips page.

Profile of the Week: Mosno Al-Moseeki

Mosno Al-Moseeki is an international singer/songwriter and a native of Sudan. Mosno uses his music to bring a positive image of Sudan to the United States, and a positive image of the U.S. to Sudan. Mosno’s music is a pentatonic blend of acoustic rock known as Desert Electric mixed with his own Arab-poetic lyrics.

He is currently working on a full length album entitled “Novella” which is in part inspired by his cultural migration. His song “System Down (#SudanRevolts)” caused his websites to be banned in his home country. Mosno donates the proceeds from the song to Girifna (we are fed up), a non-violent protest movement based in Sudan.

He will be performing at Artscape this weekend on Friday AND Saturday!

Friday July 19th, 2013 performance with Sahffi Lynne of goatfish for the Musicians of Mercy’s Conscious Cabaret at Falvey Hall at 5:30pm

Saturday July 20th, 2013 performance with Spyros as part of the Greek Nubian Collective performance at Falvey Hall at 7pm

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Musings On Art And Justice In The Wake Of The George Zimmerman Verdict

After 45 days without an arrest, a year of speculation and conjecture, six weeks of legal spectacle and sixteen hours of deliberation, a Florida jury  finally handed George Zimmerman a ‘not guilty’ verdict in his trial for the murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. 

trayvon profile

Many people, myself included, are outraged and heartbroken by this outcome.  At the same time, I am completely NOT surprised about the verdict in light of the historic and current  injustices faced by African Americans in the U.S.  The phrase “no justice, no peace” takes on a particular resonance given Saturday night’s verdict and the subsequent marches and protests in cities across the US.   Still, when we talk about justice, what are we talking about?  Criminal justice or social justice?   How does art help us navigate this terrain or answer this question? What role does it play in our collective expressions of rage or healing? How does it respond to and support our desire for activism?

How have you used art and design to respond to this tragedy? What examples have moved you in recent days?  How do you define justice?

For the next several posts, the Baltimore Art + Justice Project will highlight the ways in which art and design has responded to the question of justice for Trayvon Martin.

Below are some examples across the spectrum of music, visual art and poetry.

“Made You Die” Trayvon Martin Tribute by Yasiin Bey, Dead Prez, MiKEFLO

25 Works Of Art Paying Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Trayvon, Redux, by Rita Dove

Please feel free to share examples by posting them in the comments section.

In Peace-
Kalima Young
Baltimore Art + Justice Project

Profile of the Week: Art with a Heart

Art with a Heart is a Baltimore organization that has been working since 2000 to provide visual art programs to underserved children, youth, and adults. This summer marks the 8th year of Art with a Heart’s Summer Job Program which creates opportunities for youth to learn valuable job skills while making marketable art. The art students in the program create is available to purchase at HeARTwares and will be displayed at the August 2nd event Shop & Bop.


Art with a Heart continues to provide community based programming, recently holding art programs at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, McDonogh School, the Edgecombe Circle Elementary/Middle School, and Bristol House.edge

Art with a Heart’s HeARTwares is a retail store where the public can purchase items made through their different programs. The proceeds from the sale of art is shared by Art with a Heart and the artist or community partner. Additionally HeARTwares works in alignment with the Summer Job Program, providing real job experience, such as money handling and working with the public. HeARTwares is located at 623 W. 34th Street, and has an entrance at 3355 Keswick Road as well. HeARTwares is currently open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 12 to 6 pm, and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

Upcoming Art with a Heart events:

August 2nd, 2013: Shop & Bop: See and purchase artwork created by students in the Summer Job Program

August 2nd, 2013, 5:00-10:00pm : Partnership with The Gathering, support students and shop their artwork

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