Social Justice Organizer’s Happy Hour

Red Emma’s knows that you never get a chance to hang out with many of your favorite people in Baltimore because everyone is too busy organizing to overthrow capitalism, confront imperialism, destroy racism, and smash patriarchy, heterosexism, and cisnormativity. So they’re starting a monthly social justice organizers’ happy hour at Red Emma’s—spread the word to your colleagues and comrades, and come by for an early evening of conversation and catching up.

When: Thursday July 5th, 5:00 pm.

Where: Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, 30 W North Avenue.

How: $1 sodas, and $1 off beer and wine.

Who: Red Emma’s and anyone who works for social justice in Baltimore

About Red Emma’s: Red Emma’s is a worker owned radical bookstore and cafe.
For More Information, visit: or

Happy Fourth of July from everyone at BA+JP!

2 responses to “Social Justice Organizer’s Happy Hour”

  1. John Massad says :

    Thursday, June 5th? And then a happy 4th of July? The calendar has gone all anti-establishment on us again…

  2. Kalima Young says :

    Its been fixed. Hope this didn’t confuse too many people.

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