The Revolution Within

The Center for Grace-Full Living is launching The Revolution Within with four introductory sessions taking place in September. A holistic wellness program, The Revolution Within offers both individualized counseling sessions and a series of interactive community events on a range of topics. These events, on the themes of spiritual practice, physical wellness, arts, and relaxation, aim to address the health of the whole person. The full program, set to begin in early October, will run for 8 weeks, on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8pm at the Center for Grace-Full Living. Child care will be provided. The Revolution Within is open to all members of the McElderry Park community free of charge. People interested in committing to the full 8 weeks, as well as those who can only make it to the one-time introductory events, are invited to attend on the evenings listed below. The sessions are informal and held onsite at the Center, 2424 McElderry Street. These will focus on the topics listed below, but also introduce the range of offerings to be included in the full course: acupuncture, quilting, visual arts, yoga, and more. Please contact Jeff Brunell for more information at or stop by the Center for Grace-Full Living (2424 McElderry St.)
Introductory Course Schedule:
9/2-    Writing and Storytelling
9/9-    Mindfulness and Meditation
9/16 – Physical Fitness and Nutrition
9/-23  Martial Arts for Mind, Body, and Soul

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