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Health Care for the Creative Class

As an artist or organizer you may be wondering how the changes under the Affordable Care Act will impact you. If so you are in luck! The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance has collaborated with Healthcare Access Maryland to answer your questions at a free event on October 16th. At the forum representatives from Healthcare Access Maryland will explain what the Maryland Health Connection is, how you can shop, compare rates and coverage options, and enroll in health coverage right for you.

While the event is FREE, you do need to register. Click here to register.

For more information on the forum please contact Melanie Robey at mrobey@baltimoreculture.org

When: October 16th, 2013 @ 6:30PM-8:00PM


                Baltimore Theatre Project
                45 W. Preston St.
                Baltimore, MD 21202

Profile of the Week: Cycles: Women’s Health Project

Cycles: Women’s Health Project is a project lead by community artist Whitney Frazier that is focused on addressing women’s health concerns in East Baltimore neighborhoods. Frazier is collaborating with women and girls to create an illustrated resource book about women’s health topics. Cycles uses art and social justice to educate about women’s health concerns and the issues with the western medical system’s treatment of women’s health. Once the book has been created, the female participants of Cycles will distribute the book within their communities and host their own visual storytelling workshops addressing the books topics.

Additionally, Frazier has used public bathrooms as a research tool by posting drawings and written prompts to spark responses by those using the public bathrooms. These stories and concerns collected from public restrooms are added to the different ways that Frazier has been doing research and collecting the stories of women and girls in Baltimore. Cycle’s Tumblr also encourages anyone interested in participating in the Cycles Project to contact Whitney Frazier.


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