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Baltimore Uprising Art Archive Series 4: North and Penn Visual Artists and More

“Know justice. Know Peace.”

Prior to Mariyln Mosby’s announcment that the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s murder would be arrested, local artist had already taken over the corner of North Avenue and Pennsylvania to make art.  When the news came down – solemnity turned into a party. Here are some photos of the artists working, reclaimed street art and protests t-shirts.

More images and video to come!

Baltimore Uprising Art Archive: Series 3 – Youth Voices

“Be a voice – not an echo.”

Check out some great video of youth voices from Baltimore’s artists, activists and provocateurs.

Check out this collaboration between Wide Angle Youth Media and  Youth Radio International: Baltimore Youth Voices!

Tomorrow Get Involved!  1:30pm-3:30 pm Hold the Police Accountable March with the Gray Family! For more information visit BmoreUnited.

Baltimore Uprising Art Archive: Series 2

“When the water is boiling, its foolish to take it off the heat.” – Nelson Mandela This is a living archive designed to highlight the cultural production efforts of Baltimore’s citizens in response to the Baltimore Uprising.  Please contribute your images of protests signs, homemade t-shirts, clothing, photos of art making, stencil images — anything reflective of […]

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