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Move This World 4th Global Summit

Looking for a way to get moving and develop strategies for social change this weekend? The Move This World 4th Global Summit is taking place is Baltimore this weekend on Saturday, September 21st through Sunday, September 22nd. The Summit brings together activists, artists, students and educators to learn Move this World’s evidence-based curriculum using creative movements to spark social change.  Those in attendance will collaborate in a variety of activities led by MTW’s PeaceMover Facilitators and global staff, engage in group dialogues, self-reflection, and direct action planning.

Move this World uses creative movement to inspire empathy, viewing movement as an embodiment of cultural knowledge. Through creative movement sessions attendees will practice active listening, conflict resolution, civic engagement, appreciating differences, and social awareness. The skills offered by the Move this World summit are both personal and political, providing techniques toward creating larger social change, as well as help for you while traveling that often stressful road.

For more information on the Move the World summit, email MTW’s Program Coordinator and Global Summit aficionado, Alejandra Paucar at apaucar@movethisworld.org

To register for the summit visit: http://movethisworld4thglobalsummit.eventbrite.com/

Saturday, Sept. 21st-Sunday, Sept. 22nd

National Academy Foundation School of Baltimore
601 N. Central Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201

Profile of the Week: Art with a Heart

Art with a Heart is a Baltimore organization that has been working since 2000 to provide visual art programs to underserved children, youth, and adults. This summer marks the 8th year of Art with a Heart’s Summer Job Program which creates opportunities for youth to learn valuable job skills while making marketable art. The art students in the program create is available to purchase at HeARTwares and will be displayed at the August 2nd event Shop & Bop.


Art with a Heart continues to provide community based programming, recently holding art programs at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, McDonogh School, the Edgecombe Circle Elementary/Middle School, and Bristol House.edge

Art with a Heart’s HeARTwares is a retail store where the public can purchase items made through their different programs. The proceeds from the sale of art is shared by Art with a Heart and the artist or community partner. Additionally HeARTwares works in alignment with the Summer Job Program, providing real job experience, such as money handling and working with the public. HeARTwares is located at 623 W. 34th Street, and has an entrance at 3355 Keswick Road as well. HeARTwares is currently open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 12 to 6 pm, and Sunday from 12 to 5 pm.

Upcoming Art with a Heart events:

August 2nd, 2013: Shop & Bop: See and purchase artwork created by students in the Summer Job Program

August 2nd, 2013, 5:00-10:00pm : Partnership with The Gathering, support students and shop their artwork

**Would you like to be featured as our Profile of the Week? Go to artplusjustice.org and put yourself on the map!**

A Better Baltimore


Whitney Frazier

Last night, I sat in the city council chamber with seven students from Barclay elementary- middle school.  We were there to testify to the city council to pass the bottle tax bill that will create a dedicated stream of funding for school construction projects.  Over the past four months, the students have been creating drawings and 3D models depicting how they want their school to look. Two students stood before the city council members for the first time and shared their vision for their school.  Is this art for social justice?

I say yes.

When I am working with students and parents to articulate their dreams for our city, I am an artist who chooses to use my creative skills to act on pressing issues that affect the quality of life for both my family and all Baltimore families.

Who values this work?

Not the city of  Baltimore, because it continues to cut after-school programming, which is the source of most of my part-time salary.  Additionally, the Mayor continues to fund new downtown building projects and car races while closing recreation centers and pools where many community arts programs occur.

I believe the artists who are actively involved in community building and social justice work are keeping this city alive.  The A + J project is working hard to highlight and facilitate community and artist connections.  It is time that corporate leaders, foundations and politicians value the artists who are creating a better Baltimore.

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