Baltimore Uprising Art Archive: Series 2

“When the water is boiling, its foolish to take it off the heat.” – Nelson Mandela

This is a living archive designed to highlight the cultural production efforts of Baltimore’s citizens in response to the Baltimore Uprising.  Please contribute your images of protests signs, homemade t-shirts, clothing, photos of art making, stencil images — anything reflective of people’s responses.  Please send your offerings to and spread the word!

Here are some social justice based artists/projects you should know about!

Did you know about Hear Charm City? A series of animations based on street interviews with Baltimore residents aiming to promote new platforms of communication for communities in Baltimore. Check it out!

What about the work of local artist, Markele Collins, who tackles race, police brutality and morality?


And here are some scenes from our streets this week!

Skate Boarding For Justice, Tues, April 28, 2015

Protest Signs from the Baltimore March, Weds April 29, 2015

Photo by Michael Davis

Photo by Michael Davis



Photo by Rachel Shannon


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